20 more Amazing Crystal Pairings

Crystal pairings are using two crystals together for the desired effect. The healing properties and powers combined to allow for a greater crystal experience. They’re specifically good for harmony, balance, and much more. Crystals that can be put together are excellent for meditation, particular ailments or issues, wearing together as jewellery, and having on your crystal altar.

Intentions are crucial when finding gemstones that complement each other. To create powerful crystal pairings, you need to find a shared intention between the two. There’s no point in combining a light stone like Green Aventurine with a strong stone like Black Obsidian because they have no common goal.

Before you combine crystals for healing benefits, it’s wise to focus on just one crystal and your specific intention with it. Once you know what you want to achieve, you can select your healing crystals.

Rose Quartz and Angelite

rose quartz Rose Quartz angeliteAngelite

This combination is useful when dealing with love and relationships. When paired together negativity finds it a lot harder to affect us, we become more open and understanding and they also have a wonderful way of dissolving anger.

Citrine and Smoky Quartz

citrine Citrine smoky quartz
Smoky Quartz

Citrine and Smoky Quartz work in taking care of your mental and physical health. When they are paired together they provide strength and inner peace. It becomes easier not to be overwhelmed by the negative with the smoky quartz and citrine brings the positive feelings and sense of hope and optimism. Particularly good to carry if you are having a bad day.

Fluorite and Amethyst




amethyst Amethyst

This mix of crystals create a protective bubble around you so that you can focus on what is necessary without interruptions as fluorite provides the concentration and self-confidence whilst amethyst is a powerful protection stone warding off negative energies or doubtful thoughts.

Moonstone and Selenite

moonstone Moonstone selenite Selenite

This combination is great for tapping into your intuition and for greater clarity. Both of these stones are lunar crystals, belonging to the gentle and mysterious moon. Moonstone has a powerful feminine/yin energy which is especially helpful whilst dealing with someone who has too much masculine energy or a situation dominated by masculinity. Selenite instills peace making it perfect for meditation work and heightening your spiritual awareness.

Goldstone and Black Obsidian

goldstoneGoldstone black obsidian Black Obsidian

These help communicate with your favourite angel and manifest the energy within obsidian and goldstone together. Black Obsidian awakens the root chakra to ground you whilst goldstone fuels your life force hidden in the sacral chakra. Together it brings the power of gaia (earth mother) and Black Obsidian brings the power of pluto, saturn, jana and five other goddesses.

Labradorite and Amethyst

labradoriteLabradorite amethyst Amethyst

Labradorite and Amethyst are an excellent meditation mix to increase psychic abilities. As a result, if you prefer to stay in the same place because you are afraid of the unknown, amethyst can help you overcome your fear of change. The connection between these crystals and our inner intelligence makes this combo so great.

Rose Quartz and Turquoise

rose quartz Rose Quartz turquoise Turquoise

Confess your love, ideal for when you are proposing to your loved one, using a vibrant mix of rose quartz and turquoise lets your heart flow through speech. It is also useful for married couples who need to speak their mind.

Lapis Lazuli and Black Onyx

lapis lazuli Lapis Lazuli black onyx Black Onyx

This combination brings wisdom and a greater ability to speak your mind, which is ideal especially when you have a big speech coming up or simply need help standing up to someone. This combo can also bring you structure which is needed to keep both our life and the life we share with others running smoothly.

Citrine and Aventurine


citrine Citrine aventurine Aventurine

Citrine and aventurine have metaphysical properties that bring abundance, making them a great pair! By combining them you will enjoy abundance, joy and gratitude. They inspire people to be grateful for every moment in their lives. It is also a great way to heal headaches caused by intense energy shifts.

Hematite and Amethyst

hematite Hematite amethyst Amethyst

Breaking free from addictive behaviours can be made much easier with these two crystals. They can also help you focus and concentrate when feeling overwhelmed, amethyst has the potential to replace unpleasant emotions with serenity and inner peace, whereas hematite can absorb them.

Carnelian and Aquamarine

carnelianCarnelian aquamarine Aquamarine

This mix can be great for carnelian to stimulate the mind, increase productivity and enhance concentration whereas aquamarine works to reduce the mind chatter, brings clarity and sharpens the mind which is great when carnelian overflows you with ideas. The ideas given to you by carnelian can be sorted through with aquamarine.

Moonstone and Rose Quartz

moonstone Moonstone rose quartz Rose Quartz

Moonstone and rose quartz have very gentle, comforting energies that help with inner peace, balance, stability, and love. They make you a charming divine person. Also, moonstone is a fertile stone for young brides and rose quartz keeps the marriage rooted in love.

Celestite and Lepidolite

celestite Celestite lepidoliteLepidolite

This combination makes for a peaceful sleep and soothing moments of relaxation, especially when you put them under your pillow before bed. Celestite rids you of chatty or chaotic thoughts whilst lepidolite helps rid you of troubling thoughts that may be going around your mind.

Rose Quartz and Amethyst

rose quartz Rose Quartz amethyst Amethyst

This mix forges a unique synergy, like discovering a spiritual alliance that guides and protects. Picture a personal spiritual guardian alongside a love mentor encompassing you in a shield of tranquility and affection, they not only complement each other but also enhance your meditative endeavors and promote a love-filled existence.

Red Jasper and Aventurine

red jasperRed Jasper aventurine Aventurine

If you are currently dealing with jealousy or possessiveness, combining red jasper with aventurine can greatly help. When combined, they will aid you to walk through the issue and most importantly find satisfaction.

Selenite and Moonstone

selenite Selenite moonstone Moonstone

When you combine the pure angelic energy of selenite and the intuitive energy of moonstone you get a harmonious balance that will connect you deeper with your higher self. This combo is especially useful if you are starting a new chapter in your life.

Tigers Eye and Amethyst

tigers eye Tigers Eye amethyst Amethyst

Using Tigers Eye and Amethyst together will largely keep you calm, grounded, and well-focused. You are then able to make important decisions without being clouded by emotions. While the tiger eye helps you understand your needs, amethyst will help you maintain clarity to see things the way they are.

Aventurine and Rose Quartz

aventurine Aventurine rose quartz Rose Quartz

As both of these crystals awaken the heart chakra energy, you can use them together to attract your true love. Whilst rose quartz reveals your true love, aventurine sets the stage for both of you to fall in love with one another.

Smoky Quartz and Amethyst

smoky quartz
Smoky Quartz
amethyst Amethyst

If you wish to boost your psychic abilities and open your intuition these two are the most pleasing combination. Having amethyst awakens your spiritual awareness and will help you make wiser choices for yourself. Meanwhile, Smoky Quartz can help you hear your intuition when it speaks to you.

Labradorite and Rose Quartz

labradoriteLabradorite rose quartz Rose Quartz

Create rewarding relationships with labradorite and rose quartz, labradorite is known for its spiritual properties so pairing with rose quartz will enhance your intuition and you’ll learn to pay attention to the subtle nudges and whispers in your core.

I hope you find this useful, feel free to share with anyone you feel would benefit.

There are so many more combinations that I may well do in the future so keep checking back.


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