What are the functions of Archangels?

These are beings that are responsible for the functioning of the universe. They are often seen as the leaders in the angelic hierarchy, holding a higher rank than regular angels. These beings are often depicted with large wings, symbolising their heavenly nature and their role as messengers between the divine and humanity.

They are servants of God that are given responsibility for aspects of existence, such as time, space, or communication.

Their role goes beyond just being messengers, they are seen as guardians, warriors, and leaders in the heavenly realms, ensuring that balance and order are maintained in the universe.

Embrace their presence and tap into their immense power to unlock your true potential. With an Archangel by your side, you can conquer any challenge and achieve the power you desire.

Here are the first 7 Archangels, Their Roles and Associated Crystals

Archangel Michael

archangel michael

He is the angel of protection and the most powerful Archangel. The leader of the angelic realm, including the other Archangels.

Call upon him when you need to tap into your own inner strength and when you seek protection and guidance on your journey. Trust in his power and let him guide you towards victory. He will empower you to conquer any adversity.

Colour: Gold, Yellow, Orange, Purple
Sacred Number: 613
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Zodiac: Leo

Associated Crystals

clear quartz
Clear Quartz

Archangel Raphael

archangel raphael

He is the ultimate healer, capable of restoring physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. He aims to maintain peace and harmony throughout the realms including the spiritual and physical worlds.

Archangel Raphael is also known as a protector of travellers so if you are going on a journey (including a spiritual journey) you can always invoke his powers.

When you are in need of healing, whether it’s a physical ailment or an emotional wound, call upon Raphael to restore your mind body and spirit.

Colour: Green, Yellow
Sacred Number: 999
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Zodiac: Gemini

Associated Crystals

orange calcite
Yellow Calcite

Archangel Gabriel

archangel gabriel

He is ‘The Messenger of God’, brings divine guidance and inspiration. He bestows divine wisdom and guidance upon those who seek it. He presents power and authority, making him a force to be reckoned with.

Archangel Gabriel also helps with creative and artistic projects, providing inspiration. In addition, he is closely associated with child-rearing and pregnancy symbolising the power of creation and nurturing.

When you seek clarity and wisdom, call upon Gabriel to help you communicate your truth and receive divine messages. He will guide you toward your purpose.

Colour: Silver, White, Pale Blue
Sacred Number: 555
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Zodiac: Cancer

Associated Crystals


Archangel Uriel

archangel uriel

He is known as The Fire of God. He possess immense power and brings divine illumination and guidance, helping you make wise decisions and navigate through life..

It has a strong role with facilitating spiritual awakening helping to deepen the connection with the spiritual realm. It is also a guide to manifestation, assists in realising desires and bringing them to conclusion.

Call upon Uriel when you seek insight, knowledge and illumination.

Colour: Red
Sacred Number: 111
Planet: Mars
Element: Earth
Zodiac: Aquarius

Associated Crystals

black obsidian
Black Obsidian
tigers eye
Tigers Eye
rutilated quartz
Rutilated Quartz

Archangel Jophiel

archangel jophiel

She is the angel of all beauty which includes beautiful thoughts and positive emotions. When we find ourselves seeing on the negative side of life, its Archangel Jophiel who guides us back to positivity.

She also plays a major role in helping to boost the creative processes of the mind, including imagination.

Call upon Archangel Jophiel to invoke a positive mindset and cleanse yourself of negative energy.

Colour: Deep Yellow
Sacred Number: 3
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Zodiac: Libra

Associated Crystals

smoky quartz
Smoky Quartz
rutilated quartz
Rutilated Quartz

Archangel Chamuel

archangel chamuel

She is the angel of peace, bringing it to the entire world. Her compassion and wisdom empower individuals to navigate life’s challenges and find their true purpose. Her energy carries a unique blend of tenderness and sympathy, resonating with profound power.

Call upon Archangel Chamuel when you wish to bring peace to a situation which might be peace to a nation or peace of your own mind or relationship.

Colour: Ruby Red, Pale Green
Sacred Number: 7
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Zodiac: Aries

Associated Crystals

red jasper
Red Jasper

Archangel Zadkiel

archangel zadkiel

He is the angel of comfort, prayer and abundance. He is the gentlest of the archangels and his name means “Righteousness of God”. He is especially fond of children and will often come to their aide.

Call upon Archangel Zadkiel when you feel despair, depressed and in need.  He may also be called upon for abundance (be it spiritual or material), improving memory, seeking forgiveness from others who have wronged us, and achieving justice.

Colour: Sky Blue, Violet
Sacred Number: 9
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Air
Zodiac: Gemini

Associated Crystals

lapis lazuli
Lapis Lazuli


More Archangels to follow.

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